lessons from a monastery

It was almost time for the noonday meal when Sr. Seraphima came in from working in the garden. She was washing her hands while I was drying the dishes.

“Were you able to finish the work you had in the garden?”

Di’evhon… [Through the prayers…]” she answered.

I was perplexed by her response. A “Glory to God,” I could understand. A “With God’s help,” I could understand. But “Through the prayers,” I couldn’t quite understand.

She dried her hands and went off to help with something the sisters were doing.

I continued drying the utensils and tried to figure out why she would have said, “Through the prayers.”

I knew the prayer: “Through the prayers of the Holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, have mercy on us and save us,” which is said at the end of every Orthodox service.  But I didn’t understand it in…

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  2. The entrance suggests such solitude and peace.

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