Pray for Noah

I have been following the beautiful story of a little boy named Noah for about two years or more.  Noah is a five year old boy who is very, very sick.  He has a mitochondrial disease where the cells in his body essentially run out of energy, this leads to progressive organ failure.  There is no cure for this disease, and 80% of children diagnosed before age 5 will not make it to adulthood.  It is a horrible, horrible disease.  Throughout his life, Noah has reflected God’s love to everyone who reads his story, and to everyone he comes in contact with.  I am crying as I write this, but according to his mom’s latest blog post the family is facing some very serious choices between a life saving, but potentially life-ending, and painful treatment and letting infection run it’s course in Noah’s body.  Please pray for Noah and the Estes family!

You can read his story and read about mitochondria disease at

This family is so incredibly generous that even when they are facing the worst with Noah they are thinking about how to make the lives of others with mitochondrial diseases more comfortable and happy.  They have set up a foundation called Noah’s Hands of Hope.  Please check this page out at


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