Happy With Myself

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Every day we are inundated with images.  We can’t escape them – they are on the internet, on TV, in the daily mail, even on billboards on the highway.  We get so used to these images – images which portray “perfect” happy people – that they influence our expectations of what life is, and what it should be about.  This being the Christmas season, everywhere I look there is a picture of the “perfect tree” or the “perfect table setting” or the “perfect kitchen” brimming with goodies.  There’s an enormous amount of pressure  to recreate this perfect life! So many times I’ve been tempted to buy something (really, I suspect this is the point of most images), or to make something, to recreate the perfect holiday.  But this Advent, because of health problems, I am making a conscious effort to step back, not push or over schedule myself, to just enjoy living.

Driving home today, I realized that I am really happy with myself, just the way I am.  I have a wonderful husband who takes the time to affirm me and build me up, to tell me I’m beautiful – this helps a lot.  To be really happy with myself and our life is something I haven’t felt for a long time (if ever).  I am very thankful to God for this feeling of contentment, even in the midst of unknowns, and I pray that I may continue to humbly submit to His will and live in His love.


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